ByoRenew Recall

September 7, 2012

Dear VIPs,

It’s my unfortunate duty to inform you that as of today, ByoLogyc is initiating a voluntary recall of all distributed ByoRenew samples, in accordance with Health Product and Food Branch of Canada regulations. You can read the full press release here.

We wish to remind you that this recall is a voluntary response to a slight laboratory error at the HPFB and not an indication of the quality and safety of the product. As proud distributors of quality lifestyle biotech solutions, ByoLogyc is dedicated to ensuring that you get what you need safely and securely.

To further illustrate our commitment to transparency and open dialogue with our clients, we’ve just launched a ByoLogyc Facebook Page. If you have any questions or comments regarding the recall, be sure to tell them to us there. And please feel free to share your positive experiences with ByoLogyc there as well!

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Olive Swift
Vice President of Quality Assurance

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