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At ByoLogyc, we’re always on the hunt for ways to innovate on traditional business practices. And that extends to the way we interact with our clients, and the world at large. The VIP Initiative is about a new vision for product conception and testing, and a new standard for ensuring healthy, productive dialogue between producer and consumer. The VIP Initiative is about helping us help you help the world.

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Here are few reasons to get involved in this unique opportunity.

Be a part of cutting-edge scientific research. The first purpose of the VIP Initiative is to make sure we keep one step ahead of our customers, so we can always feel confident in developing and designing new products that fulfill their needs. A large part of this is staying alert and responsive to how people behave in the world. As our ears and eyes, you will be an essential extension of our ability to gather information about those around you.

Work with brilliant minds. The VIP coordinators are pulled from the senior staff of ByoLogyc, one of the most accomplished and auspicious teams in the biotech industry. They’ll be guiding you, working with the data you collect, and helping you to be a meaningful part of their work. You’ll have a chance to pick the brains of people like Dr. Davian Baxter, winner of the National Biotech Award and the European Virology Award, or our Creative Director Tyler Wyatt, winner of a CLIO Award for innovative media.

Get rewards. The name is no coincidence; VIP members are a valued part of the ByoLogyc family, and we know how to take care of our family. VIPs receive preferential treatment at all ByoLogyc events, and receive unprecedented access to ByoLogyc's extensive logistical and human resources. Plus, whenever you perform tasks through the VIP website, you’ll be rewarded with ByoPoints, which you can redeem for growing list of cool swag and special privileges.


And more. We’ve got big plans for the VIP Initiative.
Who can say what exciting surprises we’ll stumble upon together?

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